Facilities Outdoors

  • Private Parking
  • Picnic Table & BBQ Area
  • Chiminea & Seating Area
  • Verandah with Additional Seating
  • Wildlife Pond


The Cabin is on the banks of the Aghadowey River, known locally as ‘The Wee Agivey’ . The cabin sits in perfect position at the bend of the river at a deep pool. You can sit on the verandah in the rocking chair or on the bench provided and watch the river flow by. There is a picnic table at the front of the cabin and a BBQ area (bring your own BBQ –we suggest one of those disposable types for your convenience).

To the front is the Chiminea seating area overlooking the riverga8 – forage for wood and light a fire and enjoy the river into the evening.   You may well see the river’s inhabitants, depending on the season; the fish jumping, ducks and swans passing and maybe even a kingfisher or the otters if you’re lucky! The wildlife corner to the side includes a bird table   (also used by the squirrels!) 

Don’t forget to say hello to our neighbouring pet goats . . . . .

All Together (3) 480             DIGITAL CAMERA

Or take a stroll over to the Wildlife Pond and see what you can see – it’s full of life. . . . .

pond2    pond1    Water Lillies going to bloom 640

We Hope To See You Soon. . . . .


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