Wild Bird Feeding Service

Do you love watching the birds in your garden?

Would you like more birds or even different species to visit?

Do you know someone who would benefit from this service, your children, or other relatives perhaps?

Our aim is to provide you with a fuss-free affordable service to help feed and encourage birds & wildlife into your garden for you and your family to enjoy.

Let us do it all for you – just sit back, relax & enjoy the results…….

We will;

  • Provide good quality feeding station/bracket & feeders
  • Provide a fuss-free, friendly local service
  • Fill the feeders weekly, all year round
  • Provide good value for money and competitive prices
  • Sterilise the feeder/s monthly (important for good bird health)
  • Offer help & assistance where required
  • Provide regular & seasonal info/updates, offers & tips
  • Offer free monthly children’s activity/info pack


Single Package                                                                                    £10 per month

Gardman Flip Top Triple Feeder
1 Triple Stack Multi Feeder

Mixed Seed & Peanuts & Suet

Bracket Provided if required


Twin Package                                                                                    £20 per month
Gardman Twin Feeding Station2 Arm Feeding Station & 2 Feeders

Seed or Suet Balls + Peanuts or Nyger

Incl Bird Bath, Mesh Tray & Hanger

Attractive Cast Iron Garden Feature



Deluxe Package                                                                              £25 per month

Gardman Feeding Station Complete4 Arm Feeding Station & 4 Feeders

Mixed Seed + Peanuts + Nyger + Suet

Incl Bird Bath, Mesh Tray & Hanger

Attractive cast Iron Garden Feature




We use only best quality ( all metal where possible ) ‘Gardman’ or  ‘Nature’s Feast All Seasons’ large size 30cm feeders.

Natures Feast Seed Feeder

Mixed Seed – loved by robins, sparrows, finches, collared doves


Natures Feast Peanut Feeder

Peanuts – loved by blue tits, great tits, long-tailed tits and redpolls


Natures Feast Nyger Feeder

Nyger Seed – loved by goldfinches, siskins and redpolls


Natures Feast Suet Feeder

Suet Ball – supplemental feeder varied seasonally as required



Please call Julie on 07729 613448 or email willowfield@juno.com

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