Pond Dipping for Schools

Wildlife Pond & Riverside Cabin  –  Pond Dipping

Part of our Schools Package for Feeding the Birds includes an annual visit for a class ( in manageable numbers ) to visit our pond  and             explore the wonderful critters that lie within! You can also visit our goats and may even spot our herons and ducks etc . . . . .

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  •  Park at the top of the lane, there’s plenty of room
  • Walk down the lane to the river (say hi to our goats on the way)
  • Visit the Riverside Cabin for a short safety briefing
  • Collect your Spotter Sheets, Nets & Tray etc
  • Explore the Pond & Identify Your Catch
  • Back to the cabin, wash your hands for juice & biccies

DIGITAL CAMERA     cabin1     view1

Pond - Damselfly     Pond - Great Diving beetle     Pond - Common Frog    Pond - Great Diving Beetle Larvae

Please contact me to discuss arrangements for your class . . . . .

Call Julie on  07729 613448  or Email  willowfield@juno.com

Remember raincoats & wellies !

Safety First                                                                                                                           Ponds are fun but can be dangerous and we are also close to a river so please ensure sufficient supervision for your pupils.

Rustic Cabin by the River Self-Catering